Why to buy?

Rice Cookers are affordable and easy to use, meaning they’ll help you save time and money. There are alot of benefits that you can read here. The best part? Rice (especially brown) is a healthy alternative to other carbs like fries or pasta. You can even cook other types of food in the cooker!

Top Four Reasons

You don’t need to be a chef to use a rice cooker, which is commonly also able to act as a slow cooker- just throw in the needed ingredients, set the time, and your meal is on it’s way! Many rice cookers are a few taps and are plug and play.

Ease of Use

Rice can generaly be as cheap as one dollar per pound, making it a very cost effective away to get a quick mdoerate calorie high protein snack into your diet, when taken in moderation. You can also use a rice cooker to cook other types of food!

Cost Effectiveness

Many rice cookers have a quick cook function that provides a great carb alternative to a meal in as little as 15 minutes. You don’t need to leave the house to buy a meal with rice again. You can even steam or cook healthy vegetables.

Time Savings

Brown rice in moderation is a healthy grain option that is high in protein and fiber. In addition, proper cooking can offer gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a healthy amino acid. Different types of rice and grains like quinoa, can be cooked.

Health Benefits

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